Agents: Don’t have a coach and want the wonderful benefits coaches provide? We have screened coaches to provide you that support. Our screened coaches are ‘recommended coaches’.

Agents: To engage with one of our recommended coaches, contact him/her directly (see their bios in this section). All arrangements for time frames and payments are begween you and your coach. Carla Cross Coaching has created this program as a courtesy, and has no financial or fiduciary relationship. Your relationship is directly with your coach.

The Up and Running Recommended Coach

If you’re an independent coach, or looking to expand your coaching past your present clients, this may be an opportunity for you. There are ‘clients’ (agents) who register for this program who don’t have a designated coach, but would like to have one. That’s why Carla Cross has created the ‘recommended coach’ program. 

Note:  All those who coach agents in the program (like managers and trainers in a company) must be Certified Coaches, but they don’t have to be Recommended Coaches. 

Benefits of Becoming a Recommended Coach

  • A listing with your resume and contact information on the public website

  • Exposure to our online coaching clients

  • Implied endorsement of you as a coach

  • An opportunity to utilize the unique and effective coaching tools Carla Cross has created

  • An opportunity to take part in quarterly idea-exchange tele-conferences organized by Carla Cross to exchange ‘wins’ and challenges in coaching to the program (these are also offered to the Certified Coaches)

To become a recommended coach:

  • First complete the requirements for the certified coach by completing the application for Certified Coach (and pay the $195 Certified Coach yearly fee).

    Complete a Recommended Coach application

  • Be approved by Carla Cross

  • Provide your resume/contact information via the provided form, so this information can be posted on the Up and Running website under Recommended Coaches

  • Pay the $400 Recommended coach annual fee

Recommended Coaches’ Marketing Support

  • A listing on the Up and Running in Real Estate website

  • A recommended coach certificate and letter

  • A Recommended Coach logo for use in your signatures, website, etc.

  • Publicity through Carla’s frequent articles and blogs, which publicize the ability for the client to choose his own coach

Coaches Set Their Own Fees and Time Frames

The Recommended Coach is a referral program. You will set your own fees, time frames, contracts, and operating procedures. Carla Cross will not collect any portion of the coaching fees you generate.

Note: Your annual fee of $400 must be renewed yearly on your anniversary date to continue to be listed as a Recommended Coach.

Recommended coach’s Responsibilities

  • Use the coaching approach as designed in Up and Running in Real Estate program

  • Update your resume/contact information as needed

  • Renew your Recommended Coach status yearly ($400 per year)