Please complete the information below. 3 full scholarships are being awarded. We are pleased to offer these scholarships to help striving newer agents attain their goals faster with more confidence!

Please review the guidelines before applying:

  • Must be full-timer—able to devote 40-50 hours a week to real estate
  • Under 2 years in business
  • Must complete a full application to be eligible
  • Must agree to do all the work in the program
  • Must start the program by June 7, 2013 and finish the program by August 2, 2013
  • Must have a designated coach who agrees to coach the agent weekly through the program and hold the agent accountable to the action plans in the program  (can be your broker, manager, trainer, etc.)

Your Name *
Your Name
Date of Application *
Date of Application
(must be received prior to May 31, 2013)
Company Address *
Company Address
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
Office Phone
Office Phone
(must be in the business less than 24 months)
Are you a full-timer? *
(must be to be considered for this scholarship)
Do you have 40-50 hours a week to devote to your real estate business—during business hours? *
(if you have been selling that long, or as many months up to 12 months that you have been selling)
Have you read the description of the action plans you’ll be doing during the program? *
(an overview is on the website)
Are you willing to do the action plans described in the program in the time frames indicated? *
(must start the program by June 7, 2013 and finish by Aug. 2, 2013)
Coordination and Cooperation from your Coach (can be your broker, manager, trainer, or a designated coach)
Coaches for our scholarship winners will also gain scholarships (a $395 value) which provides them entry into the Coaches’ Corner of our program, to use all the coaching materials and insights available to coach you during the program.
Your coach’s name *
Your coach’s name
(Can be your broker, manager, trainer, or a designated coach. You must have a designated coach to apply for this scholarship and do this program.)
Your Coach’s Phone Number *
Your Coach’s Phone Number
Do you agree to let your coach hold you accountable for your actions during the program? *
Does your coach agree to support your work, and to meet with you weekly to hold you accountable for your work during the program? *