Recommended Coaches to Coach You in the Program

 Here are coaches who have registered as certified coaches, and have agreed to coach to the concepts of this program. In addition, they have requested a listing as a Recommended Coach, and their applications have been approved by Carla Cross. 

To agents in the program: You may contact any of these Recommended Coaches and contract with any of them for their services, entirely independent of Carla Cross & Co. The guidelines of their coaching with you and their pricing is entirely up to you and the coach. Carla Cross & Co. assumes no responsibility for the guidelines, relationships, pricing, or any disputes between you and the coach that may arise. She is listing these Recommended Coaches only as a courtesy to Up and Running registrants and interested coaches.  

Want to be listed as a recommended coach on the Up and Running website?  Sign up here. 

Click on a coach's name to see our approved Recommended Coaches' biographies: 



Jodi Sipes