Owners and Managers

What’s in it for you to use Up and Running in Real Estate?

Having been in your shoes for 2 decades, I know first-hand the challenges you face each day. Up and Running in Real Estate takes some of that burden from you—yet keeps you ‘in the loop’ with your agents enrolled in the program.

What’s different about this program?

Delivery. I’ve created coaching and training programs for most of the major real estate franchises. One of the frustrations is that too much of the delivery depends on owners, managers, and trainers who have many other jobs at the same time. I’ve taken off the burden by providing the major amount of the training, coaching, and accountability through the online channel.

Consistency. Another challenge is consistency of message, materials, and timing. I’ve removed this challenge by providing all of this online, so you know the agent gets a certain level and consistency of experience.

Cost.  Some of the touted programs for new and newer agents expect them to invest in other resources sold by the coach. This program has no hidden or extra fees. In fact, over 50 documents, processes, and resources are included in the program so your agent knows exactly how to proceed. These resources come from my programs, and I’m sharing them so the agent can proceed with confidence—and you have much less support work to do with them! 

Lack of Personal Involvement. The challenge with online programs is that the agent is expected to proceed all on his own. I know that doesn’t work. That’s why I’ve created my coaching component with regular motivational and review videos, and I’ve created a coaching component for those owners/managers/trainers who can provide that kind of personal involvement and support not in an online program.

What This Program will Do for You

Saves You Time

You don’t have to organize, teach, coach, or chase those agents around to find out what they’re doing. The program—and Carla Cross—have done all that for you. The program is there all the time, ready to review with your agent, so you don’t have to find material or assure you agent has gotten or reviewed the material!

Gets You Results

We all have the best of intentions. But, it’s very difficult to track that agent over a period of time and assure the agent is doing the work. In this program, the agent goes right to work—and shows you he/she is working with the tracking documents in the program. You can see at any time what the agent is doing.

Provides Coaching Support

Carla Cross coaches your agent online through the program. She provides a steady stream of motivation and reviews to help your agent stay on track. Carla also offers you coaching tips throughout each section of the proram—what to watch for, what to do if they aren’t achieving in the program, etc.

Coaching Expertise Shared: Coaches’ Corner/Certified Coach

You’ll most likely want to coach your agent through the program as an adjunct to the online coaching Carla provides herself. So, Carla has created a program called Coaches’ Corner to give you all the insights, documents, and support you need to be that coach the agent responds to.  This program is called the Certified Coach program, and there is a yearly fee to gain entry to Coaches’ Corner. When you join, you get the materials and support you need to coach, and you will get entry to see your enrolled agent’s work during the program, so you can coach to it.

 You don’t have to be a coach for that agent if you don’t have time or don’t want to. Carla provides a list of recommended coaches that have agreed to coach agents to the program. Recommended coaches meet Cross’s guidelines, pay an annual fee, and set their own fees with their ‘clients’.   

Let Carla support your efforts to hire, train, and coach winners. You’ll experience better recruiting and retention. And, you’ll see your bottom line improve while you gain more time to assist those winners in your office.