Jodi Sipes
Recommended Coach Bio

A ‘recommended coach’ is a coach approved by Carla Cross. This coach agrees to follow the program and principles of Up and Running in Real Estate.


Coach’s Name: Jodi Sipes

Company Name: Travel Trainer

Phone: (360) 739-3559

Email Address: 

Website:  You can see Jodi’s biography here.  

Other methods potential clients can get information about you and your services: Linked In--if you request to become linked please specify that you are interested in coaching.

Your position in real estate\related field, if current: Consultant, Coach and Trainer

Your educational background:: Master's in Education with focus on higher education, business and office management, LEAN certified trainer, Keller Williams Regional Trainer, Marketing

Your degrees:: M.Ed., BA., WA state certified continuing education trainer

Your real estate education:: Years of 4X required classes including Law, Brokerage Management, Ethics, Agency, and CCIM--as well as the entire Keller Williams training programs (which I then taught throughout my region,) and all Carla Cross classes(of which I taught Instructor Development Workshop, and Advantage 2.0, as well as Up and Running Small Group Coaching.)

Your designations:: Designated Managing Broker, GRI

Years in real estate/related field:: 15+ years as an Agent, Exec. Assistant, Broker/Owner, Regional Trainer, Assistant Manager, and Carla Cross Trainer and Coach

Your coaching specialties: Educating and guiding agents to learn about their behavioral style so they can effectively adopt methods and habits that will help them build successful businesses. I use the Carla Cross methods of building a strong business and skills while developing relationships for repeat and referral business.

What should potential clients know about you?: This is my higher calling--connecting people to their own strengths and helping them manage the other areas in their lives so they can be successful, have fun in their career, and enjoy "guilt-free time off!" I understand the challenges and opportunities of this business. I was once a new agent and learned a lot the hard way. I have been working with Carla Cross for about 10 years now, owned my own brokerage, and trained and managed 165 agents in a large office for 2 years. All of this has added up to my ability to get right to the problems you might be experiencing and help you free yourself of wasted time and dollars spent in areas that are not a good match for your behavioral style.

A 2-3 sentence snapshot of you which portrays your vision, mission, and values: My passion is to help people feel strong and successful in their own personal style--and to celebrate what they bring to this world. I believe that when you follow your passion with integrity in who you are, and respect for who others are--you will spend most of your days in happy pursuits and be able to ride out the bumps in life easily.

Why should a client engage you as a coach? I am an encouraging and motivating coach, and provide concrete steps and proven methods for you to take for improvement. My style is more about educating you and helping you remove barriers to your success than pushing or scolding you. I utilize my education in how adults learn and change, as well as my experience with hundreds of agents over many years. We will have fun and celebrate each step of your growth!

Do you coach in person, tele-conference, webinar, video? In person, phone calls, and any method can be arranged.

Do you do group coaching? Absolutely, and I have years of experience with Carla Cross in working with groups over the phone or in person.

Do you do one-client coaching? Certainly and also have many years of experience with personal coaching.

Have you used Carla Cross’s resources in the past?: Extensively since 2004.

What else would you like a potential client to know about you and your services? I am flexible in scheduling appointments, always on time and well-prepared. You can expect our time to be focused and productive--always working toward your goals.

I have numerous testimonials and references--all my clients would recommend me wholeheartedly! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and finding ways to help you succeed!