Group Coaching: Although there is coaching built into the program (via recorded webinars), Carla believes the new agent progresses much better with ‘live’ coaching. She will provide a coach who is one of the Carla Cross Coaching cadre to coach a group within 1 company (or association), starting all at the same time, at $1800 for up to 10 agents at a time. This is for 9 group sessions over a period of 8 weeks. Coaching consists of 1 session prior to the start, and then every week for one hour via tele-conference or webinar between each session and 1 session after session 8. Agents in the program pay any long-distance charges. Coach reviews each agent’s work in their Dropboxes within the program prior to the coaching call and provide information, inspiration, and questions during the hour.

Carla Cross Coaching’s coach arranges the tele-conferences or webinars and emails those enrolled with the time and call in numbers/codes. Coaches are members of Carla’s cadre and are training specifically to coach to UP and Running in Real Estate.

The $1800 is payable in advance to Carla Cross Seminars, Inc.

Red Alerts: If an agent isn’t doing the work, the coach will email the ‘designated broker/manager’ to let the manager know. The manager then can talk with the agent and get the agent back on track.’

Who This Program is For

This program is for agents all within 1 company or association and all beginning and progressing through the program at the same time over a period of 8 weeks. If the agent misses a session, there is no make-up (since all are progressing at the same rate).  This program is for agents under 2 years in the business. If you’re unsure whether your agent fits the criteria, please discuss with Carla.

Contact Carla at or 425-392-6914. She can discuss various coaching choices with you.