Frequently Asked Questions by Agents and Coaches

 What exactly is this program?

It's a training program (29 short videos), with over 60 how-to documents, guides, dialogues, and processes. (More than most superstar agents ever develop!).  That means agents have all the support needed to start the business with confidence. Managers: you don't need a separate training program for your new agents.

It's a coaching program. Carla Cross provides online coaching for each agent through her videos online. In addition, Certified Coaches get all their coaching materials to coach each agent in the Coaches' Corner (at $195 per year, with discounts when coaches buy quantity 'seats. See more here). The combination of training (what to do and how to do it) and coaching (support for the actions and accountability) is the formula for success. One doesn't work without the other!

It's a business plan. Up and Running in Real Estate is foundationed in its exclusive business start-up plan, so all the activities have relevance to the big picture of building your business. 

It's an accountability-based program. Each week, agents do specific work in lead generation, follow-up, and practice and packaging to create a career fast.You, as coach, hold your agents accountable to their goals in the program via the weekly checklists they complete so you know they are progressing in the program.  

Please note: Because this is a high accountability coaching program with spaced repetition, there are no refunds available.

How long is the program?

The program is an 8-week program. To provide extra support, each registrant gets unlimited access to the program for twice that long--4 months, and can download and keep all materials in the program forever.

What if an agent needs to extend the time to finish the program?

There is a small extension charge to extend the program past 4 months.

Do I need to purchase Carla's book, Up and Running in 30 Days, in addition to the online program?

No. All the materials you'll need are included in the online program.

Will I need to use a client relationship management program (CRM)--or at least a database?

Yes. CRMs are not included in this program. We provide recommendations for you so you can make a good choice. We want you to get into the habit of capturing, keeping, and communicating with your clients from day 1 so you don't waste time, lose contacts, and will make more money faster!

I'm a manager. I want to personally train my agents. Why shouldn't I just make my own training program and use some of Carla's materials?

As a classical and jazz musician, I know the fallacy of trying to teach yourself to play the piano......there are dozens of learning concepts that went into creating this program. Plus, I've included the experience I've gotten from training and coaching hundreds of new agents--what works and what doesn't.

The biggest reason to use Up and Running in Real Estate is that it save you time. It took Carla a year just to put all the materials she had created over three decades into this program! How long would it take you to write a training program? Is it worth your time? Is it worth $195 to join Coaches' Corner?

As a manager: How can I be sure that what's taught in the program are approaches I endorse?

You'll be sure when you see the entire Up and Running in Real Estate program. And, that's why Carla highly recommends that you coach your agents to the program. You and I both know there are thousands of questions new agents ask! You'll have plenty of opportunity to add your culture, expertise, and experience in the real estate to this program! Why not let the program do the foundation, and you add the fine points?

What are a coach’s responsibilities?

1.    Touch base with your agent weekly for about 30-45 minutes. Your agent should be putting his/her work in his Dropbox inside the program, so you can see the work at a glance. All your coaching materials and guidance are in the Coaches' Corner. Register here to become Certified Coach and get full access to the Coaches' Corner.

Because you don't have to train or create forms and content, you will be saving lots of time!

Manager/Coach: Do I need to pay to get into the Up and Running in Real Estate program?

No. When your first agent registers (or you register that agent), Carla will give you free access to the Up and Running in Real Estate program. You'll be able to see everything in the program and see your agent's work.

For coaches: How do I know what to do in a coaching session?

Carla has provided you specific guidance to coach to each session. During your coaching session:

See the agent’s Action Checklist, which will tell, at a glance, the work the agent has done for that week. The agent is to put 4 reports weekly into his/her Dropbox. You shouldn’t have to ask for the reports and you don’t have to create or generate any reports yourself.

How do I know what to do during a coaching session?

There’s a simple 3-step process. Carla has created the Coach’s Corner, which gives you dozens of coaching tips and shows you exactly how to coach that agent to the program. Everything you need is there. When you register as a Certified Coach ($195 for one year), you get full access to the Coaches' Corner.

Do I need to create action plans, reports, etc.?

No. The agent does the work. You just check with the agent to hold him/her accountable to the work.

Do I need to teach the agent how to do something?

No. Carla has created 29 short webinars on each subject the agent is to implement (like various types of lead generation). You don’t have to do any teaching.

Do I need to provide resources outside the program?

Probably not. Carla has provided over 60 supporting documents, checklists, how-tos, and webinars to give the agent everything he/she needs (and probably MORE!) for the agent to implement the program.  She also listed over 80 other resources for the agent to use in the program.

  Can I coach several agents in the program at once?

Yes. Do a group coaching meeting weekly. During Carla's monthly tele-conferences with Certified Coaches, she discusses how to save time and schedule coaching meetings for your best convenience. 

How does an agent register for the program?

1.    The agent registers for Up and Running in Real Estate. 

2.    Managers register as a Certified Coach and get access to the Coaches' Corner ($195 for one year’s entry, which gives you all the coaching advice, guidance, materials you need to coach your agent—and to coach others in your office NOT in the program—a bonus!).

How do I see the agent’s work?

When you become a Certified Coach you'll join the Coach’s Corner ($195 for one year’s entry). Your agent registers in Up and Running in Real Estate. Then, Carla provides you full access to Up and Running in Real Estate, so you can see exactly what your agent is doing. You also have access to that agent’s Dropbox, so you can see his/her progress at any time. You don’t have to handle any of the agent’s paperwork, you don’t have to generate any training—it’s all there for you.

Why does the agent need a coach?

Because most people won’t stay on task without someone to whom they can report—someone to hold them accountable and appreciate their efforts! It’s just human nature!

  As a manager, should I pay for the agents upfront, or ask them to invest in themselves?

We always value something more when we have some 'skin in the game'. I suggest you ask your agents to invest in themselves. Personally, I believe that, if they finish the program, I would reimburse them the investment from their first commission check after the end of the program.  This program will give them a super-star start and save them years of indecision and frustration. It always gives them a great business plan from day one in the business (how many agents have a business plan at all?!!!!)

What if I don’t want to or can't coach an agent? How can that agent get a coach?

There are ‘recommended coaches’ listed on the Up and Running in Real Estate site. An agent can contact one of those coaches for independent coaching. Click here to see the Recommended Coaches.

I have several agents I want to put into the program at once, but I don’t want to coach them.  Is there a program for that?

Yes. Carla has a coach who will coach a group. See the information on Carla Cross Group Coaching on this site. 

I may be interested in coaching others. How would I go about coaching to the Up and Running in Real Estate program? 

First, become a Certified Coach ($195 per year). Then, complete a Recommended Coach application. When you are approved, the charge to be listed as a Recommended Coach is $400 per year.  

 I will be hiring several new agents this year. Is there a discounted pricing structure for that?

Yes. You can buy several ‘seats’ to be used throughout the year. Your seats are good for one year, and you can use them whenever you hire a new agent. The discounts are listed here.

Is there a discount for Coaches' Corner if I buy multiple seats?

Yes. When you buy multiple seats, the cost of Coaches' Corner goes down:

$195--up to 6 seats

$95--7-11 seats

FREE--over 11 seats

What if I buy 6 seats and discover I need to buy another? 

Single registrations are $249 apiece. All 'block' discounts must be purchased at one time. 

How long does an agent have to finish the program?

4 months. We highly recommend, though, that the agent do the program in 8 weeks, to get the benefits of a fast start and early success.

For my $195 a year (to register as a Certified Coach), how many agents can I coach? 

You can coach as many agents as name you as their coach when they register for the Up and Running in Real Estate program. Each agent must be registered to get access to the program.   Each agent has 4 months to finish the program, and you have one year's access as a Certified Coach.