Recommended Coach Form

To become a Recommended Coach: You must first be registered as a Certified Coach. To do that, complete the application on this site. After you receive approval, you can apply as a Recommended Coach by completing the form here.

After you are approved as a Recommended Coach, we will post your contact information and biographical information on our website.

Please complete the Recommended Coach Bio form below. When you save the copy on our site, the information will be posted on the Up and Running in Real Estate website in the Recommended Coaches section. 

Please include a web-sized photo.

How Your Information will Appear

On the main page of the Recommended Coaches area, there will be a picture of you, with your name, and a link to this information. 

Please be sure the information is complete, typo-free, and up-to-date. It is your responsibility to see it is accurate. We will not be editing any of the information. 

Your Recommended Coach Certification is good for one year from your time of registration. Renewal is $400 a year. To reapply, simply click here. 

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