Become a certified Coach/Join Coaches' Corner

Although Carla Cross, the creator of the program, does the heavy lifting (the training, support materials, and some of the coaching) for all of you managers and owners, agents do best when they have a ‘personal’ coach. So, Carla has created a ‘coach the coach’ aspect of this program, where she trains you to coach to the Up and Running program, and provides you all the support you need to be a successful Up and Running certified coach. When you sign up as a Certified Coach in Coaches' Corner, you get

1. Access to the Coaches' Corner, a website with dozens of coaching tips and guidelines on how to coach to Up and Running in Real Estate

2. Access to your agents' work, so you can see his/her progress at any time as soon as one of your agents is registered in the program. (You must be a member of Coaches' Corner to access your agent's work.)

3. A complimentary membership in the Up and Running in Real Estate program as soon as one of your agents is registered in Up and Running in Real Estate. (You must be a Certified Coach to get the complimentary membership). 

4. Note: If you purchase multiple 'seats' so you get discounts in the program, you must be registered in Coaches' Corner to distribute those seats.

Coaches' Corner entry is $195 for one year (see below for special pricing when you purchase several 'seats' for your agents at once).

Register here.

Special Coaches' Corner Registration Pricing When You Buy Multiple 'Seats' for Up and Running in Real Estate

How it works: Buy 6-10 seats in Up and Running in Real Estate and get entry into the coaching portion of the program, Coaches' Corner, for just $95--for a year. Or, purchase 11+ 'seats' and get access to Coaches' Corner FREE!. (You must be registered in Coaches' Corner to be able to distribute your seats, of course).

What 'buying seats' means: You are reserving spaces in the program for the agents you register--at any time during the year. When you buy ‘seats’, you get access codes to distribute to your agents when you want to distribute them (you have a year to distribute).

Agent Discounts When You Purchase Multiple 'Seats'

Your agent tuition is reduced:

When you purchase 2-5 ‘seats’, the tuition per agent goes down 10% from $249 to $224.10 each. You have a whole year to use these seats.

When you purchase 6-10 'seats', the tuition per agent goes down 20%: from $249 to only $199.20 each. You have a whole year to use these 'seats', too. 

When you purchase 11+ 'seats', the tuition per agent goes from $249 down 30% to only $174.30 each. You have a whole year to use those 'seats', too.

Purchase multiple seats on the site now and your discount will show up and be automatically calculated.

Sign up for Coaches Corner here and use the code Carla provided you. Very important: Do not use one of the seats you purchased for yourself! Carla will provide you one free Up and Running 'seat' for yourself after she receives your payments. 


1. Decide to purchase multiple 'seats' at once and save money!

2. Email Carla for the discount coupon for Coaches' Corner. Then register for Coaches’ Corner.

When you register (or your agent registers) your first agent, Carla will provide you a FREE tuition, too, to UP and Running in Real Estate, so you can see the whole program AND see your agent's work.

You just can't afford to have non-productive agents--both for your bottom line and for the devastating effect it has on recruiting! Go ahead. Get the time management relief you need AND dozens of coaching tips, plus more productive agents.


Sign up as an Up and Running in Real Estate Certified Coach and get access to the Coaches' Corner here. 

How to Become a Certified Coach for the
Up and Running in Real Estate Program

Having written training and coaching programs for most of the major franchises, I know how difficult it is to assure that the programs are executed to get best results. So, to assure the accuracy and focus of this program, all those who will be coaching agents in the program must attain an Up and Running coaching certification, the Certified Coach. 

To become a certified coach:

  • Review and agree to the guidelines in the Certified Coach’s Guidelines, which prospective coaches receive at registration.

  • Pay a yearly fee registration of $195 (see special spring pricing above, too). (Each coach who is coaching an agent in the program must be certified as a member of Coaches' Corner to get access to the agent's work). You then get access to the Coaches' Corner, with all your coaching materials and tips to coach your agent through Up and Running in Real Estate.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Coach

  • Access their agents’ work and folder(s) on the Up and Running in Real Estate site

  • Complimentary entry to the entire Up and Running in Real Estate program, so you can see all the information, videos, documents, and checklists your agent is receiving in the program (when you have an agent registered in the program)

  • Use of all the exclusive coaching materials and resources (including videos and webinars) to coach clients to the principles of Up and Running in Real Estate.

  • Use of the Certified Coach logo

  • Access for one year to the Coaches' Corner, the coaches' resource website for the program

  • An opportunity to utilize additional unique and effective coaching tools Carla Cross has created

  • An opportunity to take part in monthly idea-exchange tele-conferences organized by Carla Cross to exchange ‘wins’ and challenges in coaching to the program

  • Only one coaching fee per year--you can put as many agents into the Up and Running program as you wish (you will pay only their tuitions; see the graduated tuition discounts for multiple registrations here)

  • Frequently Asked Questions is your 'Help' section in the program. We also email you regularly to answer all your questions and concerns.

Note: A registered agent does not have to have a coach. However, it’s highly recommended that he/she designate someone as a Certified Coach, to assure the success of his/her program. Are you an agent who wants a coach? We also created our Recommended Coaches list. Agents who need coaches can see our Recommended Coach list on the website and contact any of the recommended coaches.

Interested in becoming a recommended coach? See the information here.

Want to have your group coached by a pro? We have a group coaching program through Carla Cross Coaching, to coach a group in an office or association through the program at one time. Click here for more information. Contact to discuss your needs.


Want to be listed as a recommended coach on the Up and Running website? Click here to find out how to become a recommended coach.