Affiliates: Provide a Scholarship and Gain Clients

  Managers: Provide a Scholarship and Recruit

Want to gain a long-lasting business relationship with an achieving agent? Provide scholarships to Up and Running in Real Estate, the online training/coaching program for agents under 2 years (or agents re-starting or jump-starting their business).

Providing scholarships delivers these benefits to affiliates and recruiting managers:

1.     Affiliates: Gets you in front of influential managers, to help them get more production from their agents

2.     Recruiting managers: Gives you a reason to contact agents

3.     Gets you a reason to form rapport with good newer agents and an on-going relationship

4.     Involves you, as a coach (if you wish to be their coach in the program) to be a deciding factor in their success (see the information on becoming a Certified Up and Running coach)

5.     Creates success in the agents you coach, so you create a long-term business relationship with winners

6.     Differentiates you from others as someone who is interested in more than just that agent’s business

7.     Recruiting managers: Provides a distinct, tangible value for you to recruit to; provides measurable results for you to use to beat that competition!

How the Program Works

1.     Purchase multiple tuitions (seats) of the Up and Running in Real Estate program. You may award these ‘seats’ throughout the year. ‘Seats’ purchased must be used within one year. Discounts for multiple seat purchases are listed on the website,  and can be directly access here:

2.     Let Carla Cross know you will be offering scholarships to agents, so she can provide you a scholarship form for you to customize. (Email her at This scholarship form will guide you in choosing winners. You want to award scholarships to those who will do the activities in the program!

3.     If you’re going to coach the agents: Register as a Certified Coach, so you have access to all the coaching materials in the Coaching Corner, and you have access to the Up and Running in Real Estate program and that agent’s work. A Certified Coach is $195 per year.  When you purchase multiple seats, the Certified Coach and entry to Coaches’ Corner price goes down—and, when you purchase 11+ seats, the entry is FREE.  For this program to be successful with your agents, someone needs to be a dedicated coach. This will also form rapport and retention.

4.     Promote the program to managers and agents. There is a preview and promotional information on the website

5.     Customize the scholarship application supplied by Carla Cross & Co.  

6.     After you have agents in the program, track their successes and get their OK to promote those successes.

Idea: Affiliates and managers: Work together to provide scholarships. It’s a win-win for everyone!